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London Eyes International Makeup Academy

London Eyes has been the best experience! I completed Level 1 and 2 from basics to pros. Class/Instruction time is explained in detail and gets you excited to practice on your model for the second have of class. The instructors are awesome, personable, and extremely patient when answering questions. The office personnel is very professional and helpful as well. I would not hesitate to recommend London Eyes to anyone interested in make-up. Whether its for personal use or a career, you leave every class inspired to learn more. My favorite part is the opportunities offered to work in fashion shows, photo shoots, etc after completion of Level 2. Thanks for opening new doors for me!

Laurely M.

London Eyes is a great academy with amazing instructors. You are learning from working Make Up Artists (international and celebrity), allowing you to receive the most current and relevant education. The in-depth hands on learning prepares you for an exciting career in popular Bridal Techniques, Television, High Fashion, Airbrush, Editorial, and even Special FX. I loved my experience, and look forward to furthering my education with London Eyes. Do it!!!

Michele J.

I recently completed the level 1 class and it was great! The instructors were very knowledgeable and experienced. The lectures and demonstrations were very helpful and there was still plenty of time for practicing while in class. I would definitely come back for more classes!

Candra M.

WONDERFUL! This is the best school in the area and its definitely worth the money! The teachers are very hands on and are more than happy to go above and beyond to help you understand what you are doing. Agnes was so helpful at making the enrolling process a breeze and she was such a joy to talk to. I would for sure recommend this school to any aspiring makeup artist, they really give you the solid foundation you will need to start a career in the industry.

Tanya D.

The teachers are great! Whether you do this as a hobby, or trying to make a career out of it, London Eyes is the place to go. You learn from basic makeup, bridal, high fashion, to theatrical and special effects, and air brush! Amazing hands on learning with very helpful tips and tricks in applying makeup. These teachers help you expand your creativity and really push yourself. Highly recommend this place!

Clarisse T.

If you're looking for hands on experience this is the place to be! Classes are very informative and fun! I have just completed my first course at London Eyes, Level 1. Over the 7 week course we sat through lectures in each class and had more than enough time to practice on each other. The instructors are very knowledgeable, easy to follow and always set aside extra time to answer any of your questions. The school's management is very resourceful and well organized.

Joanna B.

Going to the London Eye Inc. in Rosemont and Oakbrook was / is one of the best decisions of my life. I really wanted to find a school where they offered a program that taught the importance and all possible about makeup and the industry that follows. London eyes is a perfect balance between taking notes and hands on work shop. The teachers are not only teaching you the basics of makeup, but giving you personal experience information which is extremely helpful to one's future planning. There is so much to be said about the knowledge I gained. What was very important to me is upon completion of each course you are awarded with an Academy State Certificate (other schools require you to finish the total program before you get your certificate). London Eyes will teach you how to prepare a marketing plan and how to promote your newly gained skills in the market ( they will help you with starting your portfolio by having a professional photo shoot at the end of the course.) You wont regret it!

Nicollette R.

I have taken two courses at London Eyes and had a great time learning new tricks for makeup application. I plan to enroll in the Special FX makeup course late this summer, I can't wait!! The teachers are extremely nice and always willing to help, they are also very skilled in their field. If you have no experience or very limited experience in the beauty industry then this is perfect for you! You get hands on experience with many different faces and skin types and tones to learn. In the second course we were given a Professional Photo shoot for our final that we can use to help build our professional portfolio, a HUGE help. I can't wait to start my makeup career now that I have the confidence and knowledge behind me.

Nina V.

I have attended London eyes for basic level one and media makeup. I have loved my experience here at London eyes. The instructors are very experienced and have the best tips. This is the best place to attend if you want good hands on experience. You also have half sessions of lectures which are so helpful. If you have a passion in furthering your knowledge in any kind of makeup this is the place for you to attend.

Manal S.

10 thumbs up!!! I have looked around at makeup schools and I have found LONDON EYES in Oakbrook to be the best ! The prices are excellent for ALL that they teach you. The teachers are all very hands on and very well educated. I made my decision after speaking with Agnes, who was so sweet and so very helpful. She went above and beyond by keeping in touch with me always and keeping me informed about any changes. It took me awhile to finally get here, and Agnes always kept me up to date on everything. She is so very helpful. Agnes..."YOU ROCK"!!!

Susan A.

I just completed level 1 and I really loved it. I started as an amateur and now I am a pro. I liked how the each class was divided - the lecture and then practice. The teachers are very helpful, experienced and patient and really gave me the chance to learn a lot from them and I met great girls at my class. I already signed for level 2. I highly recommend London Eyes School.

Magda R.

I recently completed the Level I Beauty Makeup Course and had an amazing experience. All of the teachers are great! The classes are very educational and provide plenty of time for the students to get hands on experience. The class really gives you the education you need to work as a makeup artist and the information you need to work in the field. I would recommend this school to anyone looking for a great education!

Kate L.

HIGHLY recommend going to the school - teachers and staff are amazing and students are dedicated. You definitely learn a lot in a short period of time, but you leave with enough knowledge to start your career.

Amanda S.

I came all the way from Michigan to go to this school and it was worth it. They are attentive, hands on, supportive and the experience and knowledge that they teach you is amazing. And I love the small class sizes you do not get lost in the shuffle.

Angelina B.

This school is great for hands-on training in makeup. The teachers were very skilled and the class size allowed for plenty of one-on-one instruction.

Velorie M.

The London Eyes School of Makeup Artistry is a supportive environment for a wide array of people through all walks of life. The experience I had here is one I will never forget. Not only did I learn to make beautiful makeup, but I made great friendships and connections as well!

Jeremy W.

My experience was positive and educational. The entire team at London Eyes was very professional.
I would recommend the school to anyone who would like to brush up on their techniques or take their makeup artistry to the next level.

Rose A.

Taking this class has been one of the best experiences of my life. I have learned more in the past seven weeks than I did all in high school. I learned so much and had fun doing so!

Kristina V.

Again, I want to take this time to thank all the instructors at London Eyes. From the beginning of the course I had no idea what I was going to get from this course. I loved everything from skin type, face shapes, eye brow, lips and especially eye makeup. The course had enough information and practice to get us started as a makeup professionals. I can’t wait to sign up for the next courses. I have to say I am so happy I took this course and did get so much out of it. I hope I make you proud someday. I know I will be so happy to tell every one I went here.
Thank you.

Deanna C.

During my 50 hrs at London Eyes I have learned a lot. I’ve learned how to custom blend and what colors to use on different skin tone. The instructors were very knowledgeable and helpful. I loved all the classes and will be taking more in the future. Thanks for all your help.

Yukita W.

My name is Chelsea, currently still attending London Eyes, and almost completed with all of my courses. Im originally from northern Wisconsin, and had loved makeup artistry my entire life. While looking for a school before i graduated, i had briefly spoken to a girl who lived in Illinois and attended London Eyes. She went on and on about how much she had learned and how the information she had obtained has helped her knowlage in all aspects of makeup. At just 19 she was working on her own makeup line. Speaking with this young girl who had most of the same goals and aspirations as i had, i had given the school a call. I filled out my forms, and before i new it I had moved down and began my first coarse. The months i have spent with the girls and the team of brilliant teachers has made a tremendous impact on me. They each had a way to reach out and inspire all of my classmates and I. My classes were really fun and I even felt comfortable on my first day. I learned so much more than technique; I found a new career path that fits my unique style and interest. I could continue telling you about all the amazing experiences ive had here at London Eyes, but you wont know unless you try it for yourself.

I love London Eyes. I have learned so much. I learned different techniques with every teacher.
It was worth every penny and I can hardly wait for Level II.

Elaine H.

London Eyes has exceeded my expectations and more! You get the opportunity to work with many very accomplished instructors. You work hard and you have fun too! Since attending the school,
I have grown even more in love with makeup artistry. If you are looking for a place to start your career, I highly recommend London Eyes. You will get so much out of the courses and have fun along the way!

Ashley Lovell

My experience at London Eyes was amazing. The programs prepare you completely for a professional career and you are being taught by working professionals. Small class sizes allowed for individual attention and an intimate setting. I loved it!

Caitlyn T.

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